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"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the cure of the human frame, in diet and in cause and prevention of disease"
-Thomas A. Edison, 1900

Dear friends,

The above quote by the brilliant inventor and scientist, Thomas A. Edison, long lingers on after his death. The word of wisdom is not only worthy of our meditation but it should be practised and lived as a lifestyle to prevent premature aging and diseases. I sincerely believe that given knowledge and understanding, everyone can be a doctor to himself. As a matter of fact, who knows more about our body - what feels right or wrong within us - other than ourselves and of course, our Maker.

Good health comes with a price. It does not come free. It takes knowledge and effort and a lot of perseverance to get in shape and be fit. Maintaining good health itself is a conscious daily effort.

Sicknesses do not happen overnight. A person does not get fat overnight, neither does a person gets cancer overnight. By the time cancer is diagnosed, it is already there for at least two years. Now at 40 and four months after giving birth to our sixth child, Othniel, I find myself grossly overweight.

I can take the easy way out: go for lipo-suction or visit a slimming saloon to get my weight down or I can do it consciously everyday with lifestyle changes in a diet and exercise program. Which do you think have a lasting effort? Likewise, be it a constant migraine, heart problem or cancer, one may choose to sit in a doctor's clinic, lie on a hospital bed and get a quick fix (on the symptoms and not the cause) or begin to take responsibility and charge of your body and health. If you make all the necessary lifestyle changes and have the right balance of diet, right drinking water and a good sweat-out program everyday to remove toxins from your body, little by little day by day, you will feel better and achieve your expected result. You and I will not fail at our endeavor if we press in everyday. One day at a time - every little change in our lifestyle matters a lot for our healing. Be realistic, if cancer takes 2 years before it is diagnosed, then perhaps it will take at least 12 months if not more with a discipline program to get back in shape. Know one thing -Your Body Is Made To Heal on its own, if you and I give it the right balance. The right balance is a pH alkaline terrain with lots of oxygen in our blood plasma.

To live well or not is therefore a choice. And stop passing that choice and responsibility to someone else - not your spouse, not mum and dad, certainly not your doctor. Here at The Wellspring Of Life, our mission is simple. We hope to:

  1. liberate you with truths, replacing fallacies and false information with sound knowledge.
    We are in the process of gathering a lot of good resources to help and encourage cancer patients on working out their own healing in our Cancer Support section. We hope to complete this by the end of December. GOD says in the Bible, "My people perish because of a lack of knowledge". How true! Today, we are bombarded with so many household products and stuffs that are bad for us and we do not know, least, to say how to separate the good from the bad.

  2. bring to you good, innovative, scientifically -based and safe devices such as the JUPITER Antioxidant Water Processor (our flagship product), Good Aire Revitalizer and AnyGold Ozone Steriliser which all help enhance your healthcare efforts.

  3. We strongly believe that until a person gets a good clean-up on his colon, kidneys and liver, all money spend on nutrition supplements will be a waste. To this end we are very happy to introduce Dr. Schulze's brand of detox formulas and Superfood and Healing America detox formulas.

  4. Books and tapes that provides you with knowledge and understanding necessary for your healing.

  5. Share healthcare information, listen to your problems and be a friend to you.

Thank you for visiting !

Jasmine Yim
Co-owner of The Wellspring of Life

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