Alkaline water is Superior to Calcium Tablets
Drinking Alkaline Water (an extract from " Reverse Aging" - page 69-71)

What I am advocating is that we shouldn't use food to discard waste products but instead use water to wash out the wastes. Enjoy a variety of foods in moderation and drink the right kind of water to dispose of all of the waste products. Since the waste products that we are trying to discharge are acidic, the right kind of water is alkaline water.

A glass of alkaline water (10oz.) with a pH of 10 contains 10 hydroxyl ions (OH-) and each one of them are mated with positively ionized alkaline minerals such as Ca++, Na+, K+, etc. Since there is more calcium in the water than any other alkaline mineral, if we assume that every ionized mineral was calcium, it translates into 33.3 mgs of ionized calcium atoms in that glass.

Drinking 5 glass of this water daily will gradually lower the body's acidity and enable the body to dispose of all the waste products produced daily and then some. Drinking ionized alkaline water is much better than taking alkaline mineral tablets such as calcium tablets.

Mineral supplements

Calcium tablets sold in stores are not in the form of pure calcium, but they are neutral compounds with some other substances. First they must be dissolved and then ionized to be effective. Only a part of the compound actually gets dissolved and ionized. For example, when a calcium carbonate compound is dissolved and ionized in the water it breaks up as Ca++ and CO-, and forms Ca(OH) and H CO . Calcium hydroxide Ca (OH)
Is the same form of calcium in alkaline water, but this solution contains carbonic acid H CO which the lungs must breath out.

When any "pure" alkaline minerals such as K, Na, Ca, Mg, etc. are put in water, they will "boil" water rather rapidly. What happens is that these minerals will kick one hydrogen atom out of a water molecule to form KOH, NaOH, Ca(OH) , and Mg(OH) . The hydrogen atoms that are kicked out combine two by two to become hydrogen molecules H and bubble up as the water is boiling.

If you put any calcium tablet into water and you don't see the water "boiling", the calcium is not "pure", ever if the bottle says that it is pure calcium. Pure potassium in water reacts so vigorously that it almost looks like an explosion.

How to make this alkaline water from your tap water will be discussed in section 6.3.

Physical attack

As mentioned before, acid coagulates blood. As a result, capillary vessels get clogged up. Close to where the acid wastes accumulate deep within your body. This means that even if the blood gets more alkaline, it cannot reach the acid wastes. Alkaline effects can reach them through osmosis but this is a slower process.

For the blood to reach the acid pile quickly, you have to elevate the internal temperature of the body to expand the capillary vessels. Then the warm blood can not only reach the acid pile but also dissolve it better into the blood because the blood is warmer. You see, warm water washes dishes better than cold water

Usually, older waste products are surrounded by clogged up capillary vessels. If you can reach waste products that are 10 years old and get rid of them, you are literally getting 10 years younger.

This Is Reverse Aging

There are many ways to elevate the internal temperature of our body.


The one that doctors recommend is EXERCISE! Exercise provides many benefits such as toning muscles, burning off calories, etc. Another one of the benefits of exercise is to elevate the body's internal temperature and to expand clogged up capillary vessels in order to suck out old wastes or fat that you have stored for later use.

Yes, exercise creates more acidic wastes, but for reaching and getting rid of old wastes, there is net gain. If you over-exercise without resting, you create lactic acid from exercising and drag out old acidic wastes into your blood, making your blood highly acidic. That's why sometimes you feel dizzy and faint during exercise. Often we hear the term "exercise-induced asthma". A sudden increase of acid in the blood will do that. Drinking alkaline water will help.

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