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"JUPITER Alkaline Microwater Makes Pursuing Good Health Sooooo EZY"

The JUPITER SPRINGS hydrates, nourishes and looks after you. You will love her as a silent and very faithful health partner.

The Jupiter SPRINGS provides you with superb Antioxidant water right from your own kitchen faucet - high in pH, and rich in antioxidant capacity, and it gives you:

  • "The Best Preventive Healthcare against Cancer" - Immediate and a natural source of anti-oxidant properties scavenge free radicals very effectively from the system. Cancer cells cannot live in a rich-oxygen alkaline environment.
  • "The Best Anti-Osteoporosis Plan" - A rich supply of ionic calcium, and magnesium gives 100% absorption rate, far more superior than calcium supplements. Alkaline ionic water is also against cardiovascular problems.
  • "The Best Detox-Cleansing Programme" - the presence of ionic alkaline minerals efficiently binds and neutralizes acidic toxic waste and flushes them out of the body. The extent to which daily acidic waste and old built-up waste is removed from the body, is the extend of "reverse-aging" for its users.

Antioxidant water is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. You are what you eat and drink. Your body is 75% water. After oxygen, contaminant-free water is your most important nutrient. Free radicals and active oxygen species are produced as part of our normal metabolism and can damage the DNA of healthy cells. Because water is absorbed more quickly than anti-oxidant diets, electrolyzed-reduced water is thought to be extraordinarily effective as an antioxidant. Overcome the adulteration of your water supply and let all your water be antioxidant water.

A daily regime of taking 8-12 glasses of the JUPITER Alkaline Micro-water will soon keep the doctor away!

More savy than ever, SPRINGS comes with
a patented auto-cleaning mechanism and
recorded voice announcement for each function.


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